Wandering shades and visages in the works of Sheida Gholipour

A prodigious approach of blue, pink and purple female faces alongside the cypress and clear moon to the world of spooky and wandering shadows is, in turn, a new approach of the realm of modern painting in the recent Works of Sheida Gholipour who has spent many years in Contemporary painting and reached a remarkable achievement.

Although more lucid and jubilant faces of her earlier Works, especially the triple motifs of the Woman, moon and Cypress, either next to each other or apart from each other, at the first glance, are more appealing and joyful for human Spirit, Sheida Gholipour has preferred mesmerized and shattered looks, and fading faces to inflorescence Woven in color and light in her new Works. Since her paintings express the human perplexity, especially the Woman’s perplexity and astonishment not only in Social Context but also in inner and psychoanalytic Context.

Visages with shades and pseudo-human ghosts are Woven in a symphony of colors, and shattered and separated flowers so that, at first glance, the viewers are mesmerized and fallen into the depth of the inner self in which the shades whisper together without a word, silent and colorless.

It is as if these feminine visages Wear illusive masks. The conscience of man immerses in a halo of bewilderment through panic, shattered and dropped faces and cause to think about it. Bewilderment Wandering among shades and ghosts is an obvious and hidden mystery at the same time. It is the Secret of Creation and Softened in the test of human beings but not disclosed easily.

Faces and shades are trained together and there is no attachment between them via flowers and branches. The flowers are also scattered around the people and do not tend to join them. This is the fate of the shadows, which appears sometimes in heavy-Color, fading and illusive paintings during the hard time.

The artist has started her work with the miniature paintings since two decades ago. Sheida gets on the technical details and colorful and joyful tricks of traditional miniatures, while in recent decade, it Would definitely be said that a new event has taken place in her art, which can be called the modern miniature art or any other name. The titles are not important and indeed, Our traditional miniature has been repeating itself for decades.

The miniature impulses of the artists paintbrush have passed across the realm of colorful and seemingly enchanting paintings, and approach the expressionistic features by receiving and viewing of modern and postmodern art so that the distressed and perplexing spirits can be imagined from behind the matte and fading faces with shadowy half-glances, which is the result of an introspective and profound life and traversing from the hard-passing ridges and rocks of life in a painful Society.

Hence, the artist has created works with matte and profound faces, and avoided from the colorful. eye-catching, and deceptive embellishment that mostly engulfs Our female artists

This is a step forward in the arena of art. Though there are few addresses for this painting, it is a progressive artistic style that Sheida Gholipour has achieved after years of continuous Work.

DR Abolqasem Esmailpour Motlaq / Summer 2017