Painting 2023

In my recent point of view, there is one dominant aspect and that is the strong presence of the human being as an effective element in a general view that can accommodate the collection of people in itself; and this subject is the main part of my works. And I believe that human beings and especially women should write about themselves and this freedom of action in written text will lead to transformation and shifting and breaking and rebirth of their minds. Thus, naturally, in my own case, the extract and essence of this effort and process seeps into the world of my paintings.

The characteristics of my artworks include

1- The subtleties of lines and the Iranian style of drawing and painting, especially the variety in colors and its harmony of 2-dimensional surfaces

2- In another dimension, due to spiritual pressure that may be emanating from external pressures and my life situation, I’m drawn to exaggeration in emotional states of the artwork and it approaches the style of expressionism

And these two styles have always been in conflict with each other in my works at different times; and now as time passes, I encounter more expressiveness in my paintings. Right now the symbolic world and the surreal atmosphere of miniature painting are hidden in the background of my personality and show themselves only in the brilliance and variety of colors.

Perhaps the compression of time, demonstration of dynamics and movement according to my mood are the main reasons for the evolution of my recent paintings.