The Birth in Silence

 Ahmad Nasrollahi / Summer 2017

Every point in its special position has the power to go  across thousands of commas and experiences the birth in silence

In the game, seemingly childish, butterflies will be painted the horizon on the horizon, and this is the property of inversion. In the suspended space, colors are in the middle of the way and the blurs with their own weight, like day and night, tend to the left and right so that any far and near spot plays its role through the yarn-like lines states are waiting so that the colors in their improvisations tune the instrument. In this suspended step, everything is farmed by stretching of a few spots

Points, narrow lines and a few color spots on the faces of women is a long-term concern of Sheida Gholipours painting life. In these vicissitudes, Sheida Gholipour as a painter has displayed her latest achievements. Her experience are admirable in polishing her busy heart. Expressionism passion of her romantic fancy us very emotional in painting and depicting the texture among the soft shadow of the brush increases the visual elegance of her work. The visage of women shares the innocence of images and the eyes sunk in the mist in multiple faces indicate another mode of her poetry.

finally, it canbe said that she is involved in idealism coexistence in her horizons of mind to bring the peace into the house